Silver Diamine Fluoride Just For Kids

Silver Diamine Fluoride

All children benefit from Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment with strong healthier teeth and gums. At Sonata Dental in Airdrie, we know how important it is for your child to have a healthy smile. It can make a big difference in their future. That's why Dr. Lawrence Lai, General Dentist, is pleased to offer Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Silver Diamine Fluoride can arrest the spread of active tooth decay, and can be an effective alternative to the invasive drill-and-fill technique.

How Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Work?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antiobiotic liquid used to control active dental caries. Dr. Lai can apply this treatment to your child's teeth to try and prevent the progression of tooth decay.

In adults with active tooth decay, we ordinarily perform a filling or other restoration. In children, a filling at a very young age can be difficult or traumatic. It can also be impractical, as many young children are too little to understand how to be still and cooperate with the dentist. Instead of using a restoration, we can attempt to arrest the spread of decay in baby teeth with Silver Diamine Fluoride, so your child doesn't have to undergo invasive treatment or sedation.

Is Silver Diamine Fluoride Right For My Child?

Caries are cavities or tooth decay that can often occur on the teeth of both children and adults. They are caused by the multitudes of bacteria that live in our mouth and attack our enamel. If your child's oral environment becomes overrun with these bacteria, they can attack and cause one or multiple cavities.

If Dr. Lai determines your child is a good candidate for this treatment, then your child can experience a nearly effortless procedure that will keep their affection for going to the dentist intact. Silver Diamine Fluoride is a breakthrough alternative treatment for cavities in young children.

Benefits Many Patients Can Experience

  • Pain free
  • An efficient and quick procedure that most children are able to sit through
  • Non-invasive with no medication needed
  • Helps prevent further tooth decay
  • Reduction of tooth sensitivity

Teens pose for a selfie in Airdrie AlbertaChildren with allergies to silver should not receive Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment. Parents should know that Silver Diamine Fluoride will stain any decayed areas black. It can also temporarily stain the gums or skin but washes away within 1-3 weeks.

Silver Diamine Fluoride can be a great first line of defense for dentists to arrest tooth decay in young or special needs patients, but it may not always be successful. In such cases, a restorative procedure may be a better option.

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If you have questions about Silver Diamine Fluoride or any other of the dental services we offer at Sonata Dental in Airdrie, give our office a call. Dr. Lai and our dental team are happy to see all children over the age of 3!

We are proud to offer a pediatric dentistry philosophy that takes a fun and engaging approach to helping learn about the importance of going to the dentist.

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